A recent study destroys the left’s claim that indulging so-called “gender-affirming care” helps reduce suicides in youths. According to this study, there is no real evidence at all that these barbaric and politically-motivated medical procedures lead to more mental stability in youths who have such nonsense visited upon their developing minds and bodies.

Stated another way, none of the dangerous and permanent transgender procedures — whether chemical or surgical — are guaranteed to help a young person’s mental troubles at all.

The left’s favorite argument in favor of these destructive procedures is to fool parents into accepting this medical regime on their kids with the claim that they should allow doctor Mengeles to perform these procedures because it is better to have a “live trans child than a dead one.” By this, these activists posing as doctors are trying to claim that kids will kill themselves if they don’t get the procedures to “change” their gender.

But it isn’t true. No actual evidence proves that wide-spread transgendering helps reduce suicidal tendencies in gender confused kids. This according to a peer-reviewed study published by the quarterly journal BMJ Mental Health.

Per The Blaze:

Finnish researchers wanted to figure out whether adolescents and young adults with “clinically significant” gender dysphoria were less likely to kill themselves if provided so-called “gender affirming” care.

After analyzing all-cause and suicide deaths among a study population of 2,083 of “gender-referred adolescents” and 16,643 of matched controls, the researchers concluded that “medical gender reassignment does not have an impact on suicide risk.”

“All-cause and suicide mortalities did not differ between those gender referred who had and had not proceeded to [sex change surgeries] when psychiatric treatment history was accounted for,” wrote the researchers.

Not only did the suicide rate not go down for those who began indulging “gender-affirming care,” but it was actually higher in those undergoing such procedures, the study found.

“The all-cause mortality rate among gender-referred individuals was 0.81 per 1000 person-years, while controls had a rate of 0.40 per 1000 person-years. The suicide mortality rate among gender-referred individuals was 0.51 per 1000 person-years, while controls had a rate of 0.12 per 1000 person-years,” the study reported.

Worse, the authors even pointed out that suicide also increased in older adults who underwent transgendering care.

We can couple this with another part of the transgender mythos (i.e. lies) that has been debunked by real science.

The left is still pushing the fantasy that hormone therapies and puberty blocking drugs are reversible. But in fact, they are not. You cannot just stop indulging these “therapies” and “go back to normal.” The truth is these dangerous therapies wreck serious damage to a young person’s body the minute they are started.

The more research that is done on transgenderism, the more we are learning that the longer humanity indulges the mental illness that is transgenderism, more people are suffering permanent and irreversible harm.

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