A state court found that there was no evidence that Grand Canyon University in Georgia committed fraud, but Joe Biden’s feds are refusing to drop their case against the school in what is patently obvious as a coordinated attack by the Biden junta.

According to the Georgia Star News , a state investigation has confirmed there’s no proof of any wrongdoing by the school.

Yet a flock of Biden’s crooked agencies are still targeting the school despite that there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

The reason? It is because Biden — the supposed “strict Catholic” — wants to destroy Christianity.

Arizona’s state auditor, through the Arizona State Approving Agency, found that claims of malfeasance made by Biden “could not be substantiated, which means the private nonprofit’s students can still use GI bill funding to pay tuition.”

University President Brian Mueller told KSTAR, “They said, ‘Zero findings. Not a single one. Not one.'”

But Biden will not back off.

Per WND.com:

The school sued after the Department of Education brought out a list of its complaints and announced that $37.7 million fine.

Then the FTC sued, claiming telemarketing and marketing violations, concerns that now have been addressed by the state investigation.

Mueller suggested Biden is “maliciously targeting” the school, the report explained.

While the FTC claims the school misrepresented its cost, the report said “a degree calculator function on their website currently states the average number of continuation courses required for past students for each doctoral degree program in clear, red font above the program’s price listings.”

Biden is attempting to destroy this school solely for the reason that it dares to be a private, Christian institution.

That is all there is to it.

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