According to reports, woke Stanford students were furious when school administrators sent them an email advising them not to attend “violent protests.”

Let me say that again… the school hoped students would not participate in violent protests, and the students were upset over the advice.

Some of these cretin students later claimed they were “disgusted” or “intimidated” and “very emotional” over the email.

Any student who said this really does not belong in a college.

Per The College Fix:

According to The Stanford Daily, the email came a day after a (non-violent) campus protest against sexual violence of which an international student was an organizer.

The email said “immigration regulations do not prohibit” international students from engaging in peaceful protests, but “recommended” such students “leave the area at the first sign of disruption or violence in any form.”

This is because criminal charges can affect a student’s immigration status.

One student said she felt “slightly intimidated” by the email, saying international students should feel free to criticize the university. She added even though Stanford has little influence on immigration regulations, it should provide students “more advocacy.”

Another student said the email was like a “punch in the face” and made him “disgusted” and “very emotional.”

“I don’t care that they offended me with whatever they wrote,” the student said. “I care a lot more about what their policies are when it comes to this. What this email said was that basically, ‘we’re not on your side, and we’re not going to protect you if you do something against the government.’”

Notice two things here… One, the school was trying to safeguard the immigration status of foreigners, and two, the school hoped to see less violence going on and hoped that it might safeguard the students from that violence.

And yet… and yet it is the school being labeled as the villain here.

Wait, I said there are two things to notice. No, there are actually three.

These ingrate foreigners are upset that they can’t perpetrate violence in opposition to OUR government.

These creeps should be deported immediately because they publicly announce that they are insurrectionists against America.

Once again, liberalism is a mental disease that puts every human everywhere in danger.

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