Democrat Stacey Abrams must live in an alternate universe, well either that or she is experiencing a mental breakdown.  According to the former Democrat candidate for Governor, who apparently maintains she’s the REAL governor of the state, falsely claimed that people in Georgia don’t have the right to vote.  This came after she bragged about the high voter turnout in the election she lost.

“You don’t have the right to vote in the state of Georgia. We have the opportunity to possibly think about maybe being able to participate in the right to vote in the state of Georgia. … We don’t know the truth because there wasn’t a fair fight,” she said at a DNC gala, according to Eric Bradner, a national political reporter for CNN.

But this is what she told Joy Reid back two months earlier,  “I ran a race where we tripled Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander turnout, increased youth participation by 139%, increased black turnout by 40%… the highest share of white voters in a generation… Winning… is about building the largest coalition possible.”

So which one is it? Was she lying to Joy Reid or at the DNC Gala? Or was she lying both times?

And what does it say about those in her audience who, no doubt, believed every word she said, despite it being demonstrably false.

Twitter wasn’t impressed:

Nick, she’s a liberal Democrat, reporters don’t do that!


Might be? A little



Even Willy Wonka thinks she’s nuts.

Hopefully, not ALL institutions because many people on twitter think she belongs in an institution.


Well, maybe not the only best and brightest, perhaps she’s tied with AOC.


We need proof to see if that is true…like if people who may have dirt on her start committing suicide.

Then again, Hillary did campaign for her–maybe that’s when she caught what Hillary has.


She should indeed be, but Cathy she’s a liberal Democrat, they are born without the gene for feeling shame.


Then there’s this:

Hmmm…Maybe she just stunk at math and didn’t understand the turnout numbers?
Either way, Judge Judy ain’t buying it.

Truthfully, Abrams’ is conducting a typical liberal divisive childish act—she believes she is the best; therefore, it was impossible for her to lose. Sadly the media will never question Stacey Abrams about it, or ask her for proof—they believe her fantasy.

Parts of this post were first seen at Conservative Firing Line