Chris Wray showed up for his regularly-scheduled appointment of stonewalling Congress today.

As you might expect, things got partisan and (at times) spicy.

The Dems had their usual cast of miscreants and malcontents, each more ridiculous than the last. Nadler led Swalwell, Schiff, Cohen, Lieu, and others in either sucking up to Wray or making almost every issue about Donald J Trump.

Credit where it’s due, Rep Jayapal took her oversight role seriously and asked some excellent questions about the FBI purchasing the personal information of American citizens from big tech.

But that wasn’t the real focus of this committee’s hearings, was it? This was a question of holding the FBI to account for some very questionable decisions and behavior.

Questions like, why can’t the FBI answer some basic questions about the pipe bomber on J6?

‘We fund your department, so you need to provide that.’ Nine HUNDRED days ago, the pipe bomb was discovered outside the DNC. We have video, and no idea whether the person who just happened to find it, creating a distraction for law enforcement just moments before all hell was going to break loose at the barricades, has even been interviewed as a suspect or witness. (He presented the video.)

In his final minute, he asked about the Bank of America giving information about customers’ gun purchases to the FBI with no warrant. Wray specifically ducked the question about whether the FBI had any right to acquire the private banking information about gun purchases or other personal information of American citizens who are not the subject of an active criminal investigation and have not been given a warrant.

Wray was asked to define ‘misinformation’ since his agency has been a proponent of censoring political wrongthink because it is ‘misinformation.’

Biggs was asking about undercover assets on J6.

Here are some others:

Jim Jordan went after the targeting of Catholic Churches and the FBI’s refusal to allow Congress to haul those responsible to a hearing.

Jim, as usual, brought some heat.

But the actual main event, as of the noon break when this is being written, is Matt Gaetz going hard over their partisanship.

Right from his opening line, he’s swinging haymakers with the Hunter Biden Whatsapp message where he’s shaking down his CCP associates for his (and his dad’s) multi-million dollar payday.

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