The numbers are in, and now we know that Joe Biden’s SOTU speech was the worst-rated one in thirty years and generated ten million fewer viewers than his 2022 speech, according to Nielsen data.

Perhaps Americans wanted to watch a non-fiction program instead of watching Biden repeat his oft-told lies. On the bright side, he didn’t deliver his fake Amtrak story again. But he did tell the lie about the GOP wanting to dismantle Social Security and Medicare.

Nielsen measured the speech audience across 16 broadcast and cable networks. The speech drew an estimated 27.3 million viewers, compared to 38.2 million for last year’s viewership. It was the lowest viewership of a SOTU for the past thirty years.

The Associated Press noted the only smaller audience since 1993 was recorded in 2021 with Biden’s very first address to congress, which saw 26.9 million viewers. But that speech was not officially a State of the Union speech since he had just taken office a few months earlier.

Despite his claim, it is not true that President Biden reduced gas prices. But it is true that he reduced Americans’ perception of the State of the Union. In the immediate aftermath of the speech, we learned that Biden received the lowest “very positive” ratings in SOTU history. According to left-leaning CNN’s post-speech survey, only 38 percent felt “very positive” about Biden’s speech. That is the lowest of any president ever surveyed – including Donald Trump.

Trump’s lowest rating, for instance, was his low of 54 percent, who felt “very positive” about his SOTU speech.

It is no surprise, of course.

While there is no official news media tracking, it seems that Joe Biden’s SOTU contained more lies than any other State of the Union speech in history.

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