There is no such thing as green energy. Every single thing that the left says about green energy is a lie. And now we see that yet again with data that shows that solar panels are actually worse than natural gas.

Beege Welborn posted an excellent takedown of these green crazies lies. Welborn cited the research of Michael Shellenberger, who found that the production and use of solar panels does not live up to the hype.

Apparently, birds like to land in wide open spaces with no humans around like solar panels], but because of the heat of the panels and the reflection of the sun, they get zapped.

Shellenberger recently posted a tweet that revealed much of the BS coming out of the solar industry:

But as Welborn noted, the data to prove that solar is good is “either industry sourced, not independently verified, OR…it just flat out DOESN’T EXIST.”

Why is that, you might ask? Because the solar industry and the green Nazis have no data at all on the manufacturing and use of solar panels made in China. And, why would that be? Because China won’t supply any.

That means the solar industry is basing all its claims on old data from European makers that have since become defunct because the Chinese firms now making them stole their technology and then under cut them on price, driving them out of business.

Of course, we all know that China also does not observe safety protocols, tech specs, manufacturing standards, or any other western niceties from which to be able glean useful data.

Per the report cited by Shellenberger:

…But the majority of experts consulted by Environmental Progress agree that China’s competitive advantage did not lie in an innovative new technological process, but rather in the very same factors the country has always used to outcompete the West: cheap coal-fired energy, mass government subsidies for strategic industries, and human labor operating in poor working conditions.

Basic reasoning suggests the manufacturing shift must have added to solar’s carbon intensity. But as Environmental Progress has learned, nobody in the carbon counting world has seen fit to research by how much. The modelers are estimating the carbon emissions of solar production as if the panels are still made mostly in the West, grossly underestimating their carbon intensity, even as governments rush to draft and implement net zero policy based around the very same flawed data

But, there’s more. For solar to be a real player in energy, far, far more energy and far more creation of carbon needs to be done.

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