On Thursday, Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez labeled the future of the Democratic Party by DNC Chair Tom Perez, issued a somewhat cryptic tweet falsely claiming that Republicans are “terrified” of her far-left politics and issued a warning about libraries.

“If you think the GOP is terrified of my politics now, just wait until they find out about public libraries,” she said in a tweet that has since received over 120,000 likes.

Public Libraries? Is she talking about the repressive library police who make people penniless by robbing their income at a rate of ten cents for every day your book is late? Not sure but Twitchy is concerned.

“That sent chills up our spines for sure,” Twitchy said. Chills? And that’s during a heat wave.

Others weighed in, in an apparently unsuccessful bid to educate the young New York socialist about the dangers of Socialism and Marxism.



MAN! There he goes, upsetting the library police.

Yes, we do, and they do a great job! Hopefully, the complement will convince the library police where I grew up in Oceanside NY, to looking to get back that fifty cents I forgot to pay 40 years ago when I was five days late turning in the copy of “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” With interest, they say the money I owe is well into the six figures.

One person countered by saying the existence of libraries somehow proves that we already have socialism.

But that not how this works. For far too many low-information leftists, anything provided by the government is an example of socialism. What leftists fail to realize, however, is that those things are funded by taxpayers whose money is confiscated by the government.

Even “The Lid” got involved because “the future of the Democratic Party’s” tweet reminded him of Joseph Stalin and Germany’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party (AKA Nazis)



AH-HA! Ruling Class! Like when Obama was president?

But it’s not appealing.

One person told Ocasio-Cortez:

Probably because leftists think it hasn’t been done right.

Then there’s this:

Eating zoo anima…you mean like Harambe??

Welcome to Venezuela…or Cuba?

Just think — THIS is the future of the Democrat Party, according to DNC boss Tom Perez.  No wonder so many are “walking away” from it right now.  Maybe they should #RunAway.  Fast.

Much of this post was initially seen at ConservativeFiringLine