They claim to be “women’s rights” organizations, but so far, almost none of them have spoken out to oppose the rapes, murders, and kidnappings of Israeli women and girls.

Gee, don’t you wonder why that might be?

Is it because they are leftists before they are women?

Per The Daily Caller:

Several international women’s rights organizations have remained silent as terrorists killed and sexually assaulted numerous Israeli women in an attack over the weekend, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of their social media platforms and websites.

Hamas, a U.S.-designated Palestinian terrorist group, invaded Israel on the morning of October 7 and began executing and kidnapping Israeli men, women, children and the elderly, with thousands reported dead and injured.

Multiple outlets have reported that Hamas terrorists have been sexually assaulting women as they tried to escape from a music festival in Israel but international women’s groups have remained silent over the past few days despite the violence.

These fake women’s rights groups do not care about women.

They only care about their left-wing agenda.