The left-wing media tried for years to accuse anyone talking about Ashley Biden’s shocking diary entries about her president father of being liars and conspiracy theorists. But the truth is finally catching up to their false claims.

In 2022, Project Veritas took possession of what they purported to be a diary written by Joe Biden’s then 4-year-old daughter. The diary contained some very embarrassing entries, including the claim that Joe inappropriately took showers with his teenaged daughter.

Project Veritas did not publish the diary entries, but some of the entries featuring Joe Biden did show up online.

In March of 2022, the FBI raided the homes of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and two of his reporters, and grabbed the diary.

When this was all first reported, the liberal media tried to turn anyone who recounted the diary into lairs and conspiracy nuts. Leading the left’s charge that the diary entry was questionable was so-called “fact-checking” website, Snopes.

In its initial post for the diary, Snopes claimed that the stories about the diary were “unproven,” and characterized the diary entries as “leaked” and “stolen” to further make the story seem dodgy.

Snopes pulled out all the stops to cast as much doubt on the story as possible.

Eventually, though, Snopes was forced to admit that, yes, the diary is real.

By April 29, Snopes finally changed its rating about creepy Joe to “true.”

“The rating of this fact check was revised from “Unproven” to “True” based on a letter authored by Ashley Biden as part of court proceedings and published by The New York Times on April 9, 2024,” the website said.

Snopes is the same website dogged by claims of major left-wing bias, and — even worse — outright fraud. In 2016, The Daily Mail reported that the site’s CEO, David Mikkelson, was caught embezzling $98,000 spending it on “himself and prostitutes.”

Another revelation alleged that one of the site’s “fact-checkers” was actually a “sex-blogger” who called herself “Vice Vixen.”

Many of these revelations came as a result of a bitter divorce case between Mikkelson and his wife, Barbara, who was also a chief officer of the website. Both accused each other of financial improprieties over the website. Barbara was a bit upset, it appears, that Mikkelson was dumping her for an ex-pornstar.

So, now Ashley Biden’s diary has been proven to be real — and Snopes has even changed its rating to “true” — what will the media that constantly used Snopes’ incorrect past rating do now? Will they finally admit that the diary is real? Will they finally tell their readers and viewers the truth?

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