A huge uptick in new voters registered only by Social Security Number in the swing states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas, is a worrisome development that seems to raise the fears of vote fraud.

The statistics are very odd, for sure. The registrations in these swing states are by many magnitudes higher than most other states.

Since the beginning of the year, the federal numbers show:

Texas: 1,250,710 new voter registrations
Pennsylvania: 580,513 new voter registrations
Arizona: 220,731 new voter registrations

It is a development that X boss Elon Musk called “extremely concerning.”

These numbers come from the federal Help America Vote Verification (HAVV) system that allows new voters to register using only a Social Security Number.

The program does not take many measures to determine of these SSNs have been legally given to the new voters who are registering. The system also does not validate whether the new voters are actual citizens who are eligible to vote. Indeed, the program puts verification on the states, not the HAVV registration system.

The only attempt at verification seems to be in a change made in 2004.

As the website explains: “States must only submit a request to us for new voters who do not present a valid driver’s license during the voter registration process. HAVV verifies the accuracy of the name, date of birth, and last four digits of SSN submitted and sends an indication of whether our records show the individual as deceased.”

It is not stated if the HAVV system verifies that the SSN is actually being used by a valid voter, though.

Most concerning is the fact that few other states seem to have such high numbers of sudden new voter registrations and that there seems to be no mechanism to find out if those registering only with SSNs are eligible to vote.

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