Well, that was a waste of three days. Since Friday, Senator Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats shut down the government and promised they would not vote for a continuing resolution spending bill without the passage of a DACA bill. After shutting down the government for three days today Sen, Schumer gave Senate Democrats permission to pass a continuing resolution spending bill without the passage of a DACA bill. The stoppage was called the Schumer shutdown. Today’s vote to end the filibuster will be known as the Sen. Schumer Surrender.

Sen. Schumer can deny it all he wants (he’s good at lying) but the real truth is that he blinked. Perhaps it was the polls showing Americans were blaming him, or perhaps it was pressure from his members running for reelection, or perhaps someone pushed his glasses up to where they should be and Schumer realized he was in the wrong, but in the end, the senator gave in.

That’s not just my opinion but the opinion of the liberal skewed media:


NY Times:



Washington Post:

Boston Globe:

The Hill:

The Nation:

MSNBC/The Daily Beast:



Last week Sen. Schumer said negotiating with the President was like negotiating with Jell-O. But considering the fact that the President stared him down, what America learned is that when Sen. Schumer takes a hard stance it’s as hard as a tower of Jell-O.