The City of Seattle has destroyed its police department. Now, to rebuild it, the city has decided to hire criminal illegal aliens to become police officers with the power to arrest and shoot down citizens.

What could possibly go wrong?

The city has been given cover by a recent state law (Senate Bill 6157) that allows jurisdictions to give Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Status (DACA) recipients police powers.

According to KTTH radio, the city is using that newly minted law to hire illegals as cops.

The bill is getting renewed scrutiny after a LinkedIn job application post from the SPD for DACA recipients started receiving attention. The ad explains the SPD “is now accepting applications from DACA recipients! Apply Now!”

Seattle is not alone in hiring DACA recipients for police positions. Earlier in the year, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) made the same move. They even altered its written firearms policy to allow DACA cops to carry a firearm while off-duty.

There isn’t one single aspect of this that makes any sense.

Seattle wants to give authoritative police powers to people here illegally, people who grew up breaking our laws and being told this country is evil?

And why should a legal citizen listen to an illegal alien cop who is telling us what laws we should not break when they are breaking our laws to begin with??

Why would we want people who are being raised to break our laws and to hate this country to be able to shoot to kill legal citizens? These DACA recipients already loathe, distrust, and envy legal citizens. And now we want to give them power to detain, arrest, and shoot citizens?

How does any of this make sense?

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