A little over four weeks ago,  Facebook cut off my group posting privileges. I was told it’s a temporary block for posting too fast, but unlike past times in the penalty box, they won’t tell me when it will be over.  One person from Facebook has been trying to help, he keeps thanking me for my patience and is trying to lift the ban, but he hasn’t been successful and can’t tell me when it will be over. Apparently, it’s confidential.  Every couple of days, I get unblocked for a few hours, but they end up blocking me again even when I spread out each post in each group by 20-25 minutes. screwed by facebook

Posting to groups is one of the ways I promote my posts, so as you would expect, my traffic is down.


This past week it got worse. When I try to post on the Lidblog Page, with 122K followers, I get the same message as above. Suspiciously I cannot be posting too fast on that site. The only posts I put up are promoting the articles on Lidblog, which generally means 3-5x a day. In other words, even though I have been assured it’s not true IMHO, I am being punished for BWC: Blogging while conservative.

While I am promoting the posts in other ways, including Twitter and Facebook alternatives, traffic is still significantly down, which means so is the income I make from ad revenue (my only income from this site).

This is how you can help.  When you come to this site and enjoy a particular post–please spread it around.  Post to your Facebook, or groups that you are in that is relevant to a specific post’s topic. If you are on Twitter, please share it with your audience, and if you have your own email list, please include your favorite post or posts from this site.

I will let everyone know if or when my Facebook exile is over. Until then, please help me to spread the word around.

Thank you for your help. And most importantly, thank you for reading TheLid!

screwed by facebook