In an absolutely stunning statement that aired on Fox Business, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said, “The Republican desire to impeach someone — anyone — no matter whether there’s any evidence just shows how they have descended into chaos!”

Is this guy for real?

Just last month, Schiff was censured by the House for abusing his position as Chair of the Intel Committee to push the Russian Collusion hoax.


And now he’s out there claiming that the GOP is pushing impeachment “without evidence.”

What the heck is he talking about???

The pencil-necked, Joe McCarthy wannabe who paraded on network after network promoting the “Russia, Russia, Russia” Hoax assuring viewers that there was “evidence” that he couldn’t share — because he had completely fabricated it — is now out there calling the Republicans the irresponsible ones for examining the option of impeaching Biden for crimes that appear to have been corroborated by witnesses, informants, whistleblowers, bank records, and Hunter’s Laptop From Hell?

Are you freaking kidding me?!

Shifty Schiff was thrilled when former President Donald Trump faced impeachment for a phone call about the corruption in Ukraine that Joe Biden appears to have engaged in.

So, in Schiff’s addled mind, asking about the Biden influence peddling scheme is an impeachable offense… but actually committing the pay-to-play is totally fine.

Social media users were quick to respond to the clip.

Former Georgia Congressman Doug Collins blasted Schiff’s statement as a “joke.”

“This coming from the man who said ‘there is collusion in plain sight’ about Trump!” tweeted Collins. “What a joke!”

The social media manager of the Bongino Report account agreed.

Meanwhile, everyday Twitter users were stunned that Schiff could manage to say that with a straight face.


I’m not surprised. He’s a known liar, and liars lie. It’s what they do.

This guy will continue to do lie — after all, why would he stop now? He’s been rather successful so far. He even managed to fundraise after he was censured by the House.

Continuing to smear Republicans is just how he moves up the ladder because it’s street cred with the far-left Democrat base. To them, it would seem, reality doesn’t matter as much as the narrative does. And the narrative that the mean, old Republicans are going after sweet, innocent “Uncle Joe” Biden just because his drug-addled son posted nude pics on his laptop or something is compelling to the uninformed. Pay no attention to the mountain of evidence that appears to show that the entire Biden clan has received a crap-ton of foreign money transfers simply because of their familial connection to Joe Biden. Heck, the Dems probably don’t think that the public should even be shown the evidence — it might confuse them.

Schiff isn’t going to give up on this anytime soon — after all, he’s got his eyes on Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat.

He wants a promotion.

But can the country afford that?


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