It seems Democrats have to LIE about everything.  Especially, California’s Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, would have you believe that Joe Biden’s inflation really isn’t all that bad and that conservatives are making it all up just to score political points.

Never mind that real people across the country are suffering across the board as they have to pay more for everything, from food to gas and housing.  But Newsom wants you to think it’s all a lie pushed by conservatives.

Writing at Townhall, Sarah Arnold correctly observed:

However, prices are still sky-high due to Biden’s reckless spending, and overall inflation has only recently stabilized after a significant surge in recent years.

Newsom also claimed that the 18 percent increase in the average hourly wage compared to three years ago is “nearly the best 3-year gain in 40 years.”

However, Bidenflation in the last three years has not allowed American workers to enjoy their increased wages.

This year’s Thanksgiving dinner was 14.7 percent higher than the $53.31 the holiday meal cost Americans in 2021. Families shelled out a whopping 25 percent more than the $48.91 they did in 2019.

Social media hammered Newsom, and rightfully so. Because all he does is lie…






Should be, but he’s not. He IS a Democrat, after all…


There’s a whole lot more like this, but you get the idea.


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