With plans like this, is it any wonder Pelosi’s backyard is going to Hell? While ordinary citizens are being arrested and thrown in jail for LITERALLY doing their job, the homeless are getting to stay in hotels and get their favorite vices delivered. All in the name of COVID. San Franciso homeless

Will Californian Taxpayers be responsible for any damage these ‘guests’ incur on the hotels while they are in there?

San Francisco is using private donations to deliver alcohol, tobacco and medical marijuana to homeless addicts staying in city-leased hotels during the coronavirus pandemic.

As of Wednesday there are about 270 people, mostly homeless, staying in hotel rooms to recover from COVID-19 or to wait out possible exposure to the virus.

So far, 11 people have received alcohol, 27 have received tobacco and five have received medical marijuana, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

City officials said that private donations pay for the items, and that helping manage nicotine, opioid and alcohol cravings ensures that recovering people don’t go out and possibly infect others.

Dr Grant Colfax, San Francisco’s public health director, said the harm-reduction approach is widespread and based on decades of sound public health policy.

‘Our focus needs to be on supporting them,’ he said of the people who are isolating or under quarantine.

For people experiencing alcohol withdrawal, the Department of Public Health calculates the minimum amount needed and delivers them with meals. — DailyMail

We’ve got an unruly group already unused to following societal expectations and norms in the homeless community. Throw in the wildcard of addiction, together with possible exposure to a communicable disease, and what are you supposed to do about that?

Do you buy the public interest argument for setting them up and placating them during their latency period? Or Nah? Wouldn’t it be better for the public interest to help cure them of their addictions?

BTW do you think I can convince SF to bring me a Pizza or some other snack?

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