Robert Malley Biden’s appointed Iran negotiator has been accused of mishandling classified information. Somehow it’s not surprising. Malley should have never gotten the job.

Per CNN;

Rob Malley, the US special envoy on Iran, has been placed on leave without pay, which occurred after his security clearance was suspended earlier this year amid an investigation into his handling of classified material, multiple sources told CNN.

A US official said that Malley’s clearance was suspended amid a State Department diplomatic security investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information. Another source familiar with the matter said he was placed on unpaid leave on Thursday afternoon,

By giving Malley the position, Biden made a big mistake. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and Malley was a supporter of terrorism his entire life Robert Malley made a career of opposing Israel, supporting terrorists, and capitulating to Iran. His dad was a friend of Yassir Arafat.

Malley shared his pro-Hamas, anti-Israel views as part of the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Per Reuters:

When Malley’s name first surfaced in news reports as a leading candidate for the post, he drew criticism from some Republican lawmakers and pro-Israel groups that expressed concern that he would be soft on Iran and tough on Israel. But a number of foreign policy veterans rushed to his defense, praising him as a respected, even-handed diplomat.

One of those supposed veterans Reuters interviewed was Aaron David Miller, who praised Malley to Jewish Insider. Miller’s pedigree includes being part of former Secretary of State James Baker’s Jewish pro-terrorist team. He hired them to give him cover for his anti-Semetic statements. Baker was famous for saying, “F*ck the Jews, they didn’t vote for us.” Miller was a supporter and colleague of Malley’s and had many of the same opinions; he wouldn’t turn on him when talking to Reuters.

I do not believe the father’s sins are visited upon the son, but this son has chosen to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Malley grew up in France, where his Egyptian-born father, Simon Malley, and New York-raised mother, Barbara (Silverstein) Malley, were radical publishers of a controversial magazine about Africa and the so-called Third World. Malley’s parents counted terrorist Yasir Arafat as a personal friend.

Indeed, Arafat was among those “leaders” (for want of a better word) who had intervened with the French government to readmit the Malley family to France after being expelled for their radical activities.

Malley’s personal pedigree not only includes a host of anti-Israel articles, many of which were co-authored with Hussein Agha- a former adviser to the terrorist Arafat. As a former aide to Bill Clinton, Malley is the only American privy to the Clinton peace efforts to blame Israel for their lack of success. The others involved, including the former President, said that the terrorist walked away from a “sweetheart” deal. He was also believed to be the chief source for an article by Deborah Sontag that whitewashed Arafat, the murderer’s role in the peace process’s collapse. This article has been widely criticized as riddled with errors and bias.

In 2011 Malley wrote a piece in the Washington Post that pushed the terrorist group Hamas as an essential peace partner. A close reading of that op-ed reveals his propagandist methodology.

Sometimes facts are just inconvenient things. What Malley refused to mention in his Hamas propaganda is that Hamas threw out the “democratic institutions” of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza with a military operation. Once Hamas took over Gaza, until the time Malley wrote the above op-ed, it was responsible for launching almost 20,000 missiles, mortars, etc., into civilian areas of Israel.

That must be why Biden chose Malley. Iran helps fund the terrorist organization Hamas and Malley supports them.

As a member of Obama’s 2008 campaign team, it was revealed that Malley was secretly meeting with Hamas and was supposedly fired because of those meetings. But the truth was Malley was a willing sacrificial lamb to make Obama look good. He remained one of the most trusted Middle East advisors for Obama, the most anti-Israel President since the Jewish State’s reestablishment in 1948.

In 2014 Malley became official again. He became Obama’s czar in charge of countering the Islamic State of Iraq. He was eventually promoted to a special assistant to the President and moved on to the NSC as Middle East Coordinator. There he was actively engaged in negotiating the JCPOA—the Obama/Kerry capitulation to Iran.

In between and after his Obama tenures, Malley served the socialist puppet master George Soros at the International Crisis Group. Even today, he’s working at the ICG, an international think tank funded by the “dude of spooky” himself.

He was a vital member of the Kerry team that capitulated to Iran in the JCPOA, created a deal that will enable Iran to build nukes between 2025 and 2030, and then lied about it to the American people. There are many reasons why that deal put the U.S., the Sunni Muslim states, and Israel in existential danger.

According to an op-ed by John Kerry and Ernest Moniz published in 2015, the deal’s life is “forever.’ That was a lie. Some provisions expire after year 10, and the rest after year 15.

Part of the JCPOA requires Iran to reduce the number of centrifuges it operates down to 5,060 centrifuges. Former deputy director of the CIA Mike Morell told Charlie Rose that the number is enough to produce bombs but not enough for a nuclear power program. The centrifuge provision expires after ten years.

The remaining 14,000 centrifuges did not get destroyed. Most were stored at the Natanz plant (until 2035). Afterward, they are available for use.

One-third of the 1044 centrifuges in the underground nuclear site at Fordo are allowed for isotope production and won’t be used for uranium enrichment (they pinky swear).

But maybe not. Iran didn’t take long to start building an infrastructure for breaking the pro-Iran deal Malley worked on.

Iran Added To TheFordo Underground Nuclear Plant

Iran Added To The Fordo Underground Nuclear Plant


There are many other examples of the lies you have been told about the horrible deal Robert Malley helped to craft…but I am sure you get the idea by now.

The Robert Malley appointment shows that, once again, Joe Biden put the United States of America and our allies in grave danger by appointing a pro-Iran terrorist supporter. One who may have played it fast and loose with confidential information.