Despite several years of claims that it was not a biased actor on the Internet and the constant attention focused on them, Google News fell off the liberal cliff and went even farther to the left in 2023.

Google does not care about the truth. Google does not care about its customers. Google only cares about pushing its anti-American, anti-democracy — indeed, anti-human — left-wing agenda.

Google’s already left-leaning news aggregator didn’t retreat in the face of scrutiny over its bias. In fact, last year it doubled down and pushed even more left-wing “news” sources into its daily aggregation of the news.

Per the New York Post:

Media company AllSides’ latest bias analysis found that 63% of articles that appeared on Google News over two weeks were from left-leaning media outlets — a 2% increase from 2022, when 61% of articles on the aggregator were from liberal outlets.

By contrast, the number of right-leaning news sources picked up by Google News in 2023 was 6%, a relative improvement from the paltry 3% the previous year.

After looking at roughly 500 articles curated on Google News’ homepage, AllSides found that 16% come from left-leaning CNN, while 12% came from the equally liberal New York Times.

Of the top 10 news sites Google News aggregates from, eight of them lean left — including Yahoo! News, CBS, Associated Press and NBC, according to AllSides.

Indeed, the reality is even worse. AllSides claimed that there were only two news sources were not clearly liberal. The group said Reuters and Fox News were the only ones that aren’t liberal.

Of course, AllSides is 100 percent wrong about Reuters. It is just as much a left-wing source as the New York Times.

So, that leaves only Fox News which is often only marginally “conservative.”

Couple this story with Google’s utter joke of an AI service that has been built to purposefully exclude white people from its results when people ask about history or news and we have the biggest player on the Internet geared to push hateful leftism.

The AI service was so bad, Google was forced to pause its ultra-woke Gemini AI image generator, saying the tool has created historical photos with “inaccuracies,” Breitbart News reported.

The service was so bad that when Google users asked the AI generator to create images of America’s founding fathers, no white people turned up in the resulting images.

This was, of course, no error. Google’s development team is so far to the left that these skewered, untrue, biased results were baked into the process. The elimination of truth and white people is no accident. It is the goal.

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