Thousands of migrants from the ISIS terror stronghold of Tajikistan have been streaming across our border since Biden took office, meaning hundreds of Muslim Isis terrorists are now freely moving about the U.S.A.

And the number of illegals from Tajikistan are on the rise. More than 500 have been caught by Border Patrol just this year alone.

For a comparison, in the previous 14 years before Biden, on 26 Tajik nationals were caught crossing the border.

Per the New York Post:

The small Central Asian country, which borders both China and Afghanistan, has become a major source of terrorists for ISIS and Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), an extreme offshoot of the Islamic State militant group.

Javed Ali, a former counterterrorism official who now teaches at the University of Michigan, said the surge of Tajik nationals could include ISIS “seeding people into the United States” to prepare for a possible attack.

The Post recently reported on ICE arresting eight Tajik migrants with suspected ties to ISIS who crossed the southern border then settled in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

The threat of ISIS and its offshoots is self-evident.

Joe Biden is making this entire country a target of criminal aliens, rapists, drug dealers, thieves, murderers and Muslim terrorists.

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