This is the reality of Socialism — a pseudo-religion grounded in pseudo-science and enforced by political tyranny. remember Socialism kills

International Workers’ Day, also known as Labor Day in some countries, is a celebration of laborers and working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement, socialists, communists, which happens every year on May 1st.

At least in the United States, This year’s International Workers’ Day is different.  It is an election year, and as the Democratic Party continues to move toward Socialism voting, Americans MUST put aside the Democrats’ fraudulent offers of free stuff, and examine the realities of the socialist system.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), recently insisted that the Democrats have taken leave of their senses by pushing anti-American Socialism for the 2020 campaign. “This is truly … an election about whether America will be a socialist nation. I don’t think Americans want to be a socialist nation. But it will be incumbent upon all Americans to get out and make their voices heard in this election,” Cotton said in disgust. Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) correctly said, “”At the rate, my Democratic friends are going, the American people are going to have a very stark choice beyond this election,” he said. “It’s going to be growth versus redistribution. It’s going to do you believe in more freedom or more free stuff.”

Each of the Senators is correct. As the old saying goes, there is no free lunch. Somebody has to pay for it. They pay for it with a lower standard of living, with their freedom, and some play with their lives.

May 1st was chosen to honor rioters who killed seven policemen during the Haymarket affair. The day was promoted by the international communist or socialist movements, that during the 20th century, killed at least 94 million people. That’s right during the 20th-century communism and Socialism murdered at least 94 million people. Using both communism and Socialism because they are both bloody and many Communist regimes claim they are Socialists. 

Per the detailed analysis in “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression (which should be required reading by every student in America) the number of deaths caused by Communism and Socialism was estimated at 94,360,000, broken down as follows:

  • USSR — 20 million
  • China — 65 million
  • Vietnam — 1 million
  • North Korea — 2 million
  • Cambodia — 2 million
  • Eastern Europe — 1 million
  • Latin America — 150,000
  • Africa — 1.7 million
  • Afghanistan — 1.5 million
  • Communist and Socialist movements, parties not in power — 10,000

These estimates were made almost a quarter-century ago in 1997. Just imagine how some of the socialist and communist regimes have added to their total since. Some believe those estimates are too conservative). And some socialist murders were left out. For example, Nazi Germany. The full name of Hitler’s Nazi party was; Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National-Socialist German Workers’ Party). If you don’t believe Hitler was a socialist, ask him:

The socialist Nazi party killed six million Jews, and the total of noncombatants killed by the Germans was about 11 million.

Despite the death toll of Communist and Socialist governments, no one in the MSM seems to care.

May 1st, a day when many laborers think they are celebrating their contribution to society. In truth, they are celebrating a holiday that honors a system that killed over 100 million human beings.  Instead of calling it “International Workers’ Day,” we should consider it a memorial day for all those people killed by the Marxist philosophies of Communism and Socialism.  And we should re-dedicate ourselves to teaching the truth of his murderous belief to our children. Because George Santayana was correct when he said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

remember Socialism kills

remember Socialism kills

remember Socialism kills

Socialism kills

Socialism kills