The board of New College in Sarasota, Florida, fired its woke, leftist president because she would not obey Florida laws and end the teaching of critical race theory.

About 150 people packed into the college’s Sudakoff Conference Center to witness the leadership shakeup, filling the small venue to capacity. Those who couldn’t get in were directed to an overflow area.

The board members fired the woke president and replaced her with former Florida House speaker and Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran as interim president, according to the Herald-Tribune.

It wasn’t clear if a majority of the board was prepared to fire Okker if she expressed interest in keeping the job. Some new board members said they didn’t know about a plan to fire her.

“Whose plan?” said Ryan Anderson, a new board member who was appointed by the Florida Board of Governors last week, adding: “I was not aware of any plan.”

But, now former school president Patricia Okker has refused to obey the state’s rules to excise CRT from the school’s curriculum. But she has also attacked the new board members, calling them a “hostile takeover.”

Fighting back tears, an emotional Okker said she couldn’t go along with “this new mandate where this is a hostile takeover and a dramatic change in the mission.” Members of the audience – some in tears themselves – urged her to fight for her job. Okker apologized for disappointing them.

“I believe a president needs to stand behind her words when she asks donors to contribute,” she said. “It is the only way that I can be effective. You cannot ask me to go forward and argue that we are indoctrinating students here. I do not believe it.”

After she was rightfully fired, Okker was “in tears.”

This woman is a propagandist,  wanted to continue pushing her propaganda, and couldn’t follow the law.

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