reason Trump declassified documents

Not long ago, President Trump made news by announcing the declassification of the Sypgate documents. But did we miss the BIG scoop?

Most of us are still upset by how long the Durham investigation has been dragging out and wondering whether ANYONE will pay the price. And after all the dirty tricks we saw the FBI play, and the FBI slow-walking of relevant evidence — not to mention General Flynn still hanging in limbo all these years later — why WOULDN’T we be upset?

While reflecting upon the declassification of all the relevant documents — and the Hillary stuff, too — led us to wonder whether this wasn’t actually a stroke of tactical genius.

Remember Jim Comey sitting smugly on that Senate hot seat with his memory amazingly shot full of holes about who did what, with whom, and when?

The poor befuddled man just can’t quite remember ANY detail that might incriminate him… especially when he is being asked under oath. Even Mueller was more direct and forthcoming, and he was a total basket case that even Democrats try not to bring up if they can help it.

This was no mistake. And clever bastard that he is was getting away with it.


Because he let his security clearance lapse.

I’m sorry, I’d be glad to help you make sense of these details, but I’ve forgotten them all, and well, shucks, my security clearance has lapsed, and I’m not legally authorized to see any of the documents that I myself had signed.

If only I were authorized to read those documents, then MAYBE I could help you.

It’s really a shame. I’d love to help, but I just can’t.

Hey Comey… we have some good news! Those classifications won’t be an impediment to your testimony anymore! That unfortunate impediment has been removed!

And now he gets to finally talk about everything they found on Weiner’s laptop, too… and why the DOJ sat on it for a month. He must be super-excited to go into detail on all of that mess.

Do you suppose this will negatively impact his next book tour at all? The one for the book coming out with a really laughable name, ‘Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust.’

Will they have to move Comey’s book to the ‘fiction’ section or the ‘comedy’ section of major bookstores?

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reason Trump declassified documents