Putin’s terminal cancer

The behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been erratic, to say the least.

If we’re being honest, the tyrannical menace from Moscow’s been belligerent, blatantly lying to the world as to if he was going to invade Ukraine, why he invaded Ukraine, and whether or not he’s going to achieve his goals in Ukraine.

Many wonder what prompted this sudden, hasty, and ill-prepared invasion, including his military.

Based on Pentagon intelligence and an investigative report in the Russian media outlet The Project, there is evidence that Putin is dying of cancer. New evidence of his serious illness emerged last week.

Per the Daily Mail:

Vladimir Putin is ‘constantly’ accompanied by a doctor specialising in thyroid cancer, a new investigation shows.

Surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov, of Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital, has flown to the Russian leader no less than 35 times in Black Sea resort Sochi, his favourite place of residence.

The respected doctor’s thesis – showing his area of medical expertise – was entitled: ‘Peculiarities of diagnostics and surgical treatment of elderly and senile patients with thyroid cancer’.

The NY Post cross-referenced public records with Putin’s known disappearances from public life and his trips to his dacha, or getaway home, in Sochi, the report paints a picture of a leader being treated for chronic ailments.

Putin’s appearance was a dead giveaway as well:

The discovery by investigative media Project (or Proekt) media – blocked in Russia and now functioning from abroad – backs recent theories that Putin declared war when he was suffering medical problems hidden from the Russian people.

One version is that he has been treated with steroids, leading to a bloated look around the face and neck.

The Project reported that In September 2021:

Putin suddenly announced that he had to go into isolation because too many people around him were sick with the coronavirus.

The news came as a surprise even to the president’s entourage. His press secretary was initially confused and denied the chief’s words — supposedly, the president was speaking “figuratively” about isolation. Nevertheless, Putin went into isolation the next day, took part in the Duma election from his own office, and did not appear in public for the entire month of September. In medical circles, it is believed that the president was undergoing a complicated procedure related to some kind of thyroid disease during this period, according to an acquaintance of the chief doctor at one of the large hospitals whose specialists were involved in the treatment.

If Putin really does have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, then his bombastic and doomed advances on the world around him tend to make more sense.

But this fatalism could be worrisome, as Russia is still in possession of a vast number of nuclear weapons, even more than the U.S,. He might rush to achieve his dream of a “greater Russia” before he dies and meets all the people his policies killed while he was in power.

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Putin’s terminal cancer