Be careful what you ask for, Dems; you might not like the results even if you DID achieve them.

Many Clash readers have noticed a pattern with the Dems in recent years. Marginalize the GOP wherever you can, turn the machinery of government against them, silence their voice in the public square, and tighten your hold on government power in races you win not by having better ideas but by finding dirty tricks to keep your competition out of the national conversation.

That way, the public has an illusion of choice, but only an illusion of one. Just ask Bernie Sanders’s primary voters what that looks like when the machinery of government decides who they want their winner to be.

Not only does that kind of cynical backroom politics rip the soul of the system the Framers set in motion for our American Experiment, but it also removes the safeguards.

 So long as we have a REAL choice on election day, one the public believes really matters, we will never have a revolution. Because the ballot box IS our revolution. It’s a regularly scheduled regime change that spills no blood and fires no guns.

But between ‘fortified elections’ helping Joe take power, Democrat primaries being thrown out in court over ballot stuffing findings, and government agencies including the ‘Intelligence Community ‘and the FBI openly playing favorites and tipping elections, trust in the public having any real say in the election results is being eroded by the very people who claim to be the grand defenders of it.

What happens when you treat dissenting voices as hostile ‘disinformation’ and when the party in power reduces opposition parties to nothing more than a token resistance — if they are permitted at all? Any regime with that level of power becomes absolutely unresponsive to public opinion.

That causes a whole other sort of problem. If you never know the public’s mood, you never know how vulnerable you might be to a coup.

Remember, people are fickle. The public gets restless. The whole point of an election is to give a safe alternative to revolutions. If you take that away, dangerous resentments can fester and lead to far more dangerous expressions of public outrage.

If reports are to be believed (we take them with a LARGE grain of salt), that problem led to news being used to run a government psyop against its people. (A different kind of psyop from the COVID one run in Western countries.)

VLADIMIR Putin reportedly faked his own death in a bizarre bid to test his popularity among the Russian public, it’s been claimed.

The Kremlin was forced to issue an extraordinary denial after false reports the tyrant leader’s body was being kept in a freezer spread on social media last week.

Now Kyiv has claimed the fake information was deliberately planted by Putin’s allies.

A Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman, Andrii Yusov, said the October 27 report of Putin’s death by the General SVR channel was a plot used by Moscow to tighten domestic control.

“In this way, the empire, which is built on the work of the secret services, learns how to continue to rule,” he told Ukrainian media. — AP

This kind of information control is exciting when you pair it with how Joe Biden’s administration is fighting tooth and claw against ANY court injunctions that limit his government from using Social Media as its own ‘disinformation’ enforcement proxy.


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