Vladimir Putin is acting more and more like Herbert Lom’s character in the old Pink Panther movies. Lom played Inspector Clouseau’s Boss, who hated Inspector Clouseau, played by Peter Sellers, so much that he kept trying to kill him. Lom’s character keeps hurting himself in his attempts and eventually winds up insane.

Rumors of terminal illness and the disaster of the Ukraine invasion have put Putin on the crazy train, just like Herbert Lom’s fictional Pink Panther character.

Russia is running out of everything they need to make war, making its once-fearsome leader appear frail and paranoid.

Vladimir Putin is failing in Ukraine; there is no way to sugarcoat it. His army was ill-prepared, and his strategy was weak. His only path forward is to continue conscripting citizens to serve as cannon fodder until he grows so crazy that he attempts to use nuclear weapons. At that point, there will be no stopping the rest of the world (or his own people) from taking him out.

And, up until that seemingly inevitable moment, we’ll have a pretty bizarre spectacle to behold as Putin’s cowardice is conjured in full.

Vladimir Putin’s preferred mode of transportation these days is said to be a customized armored train because the Russian president is “scared” that his private plane could be shot out of the sky, according to a new report.

Ilya Rozhdestvensky, a reporter with the anti-Kremlin investigative unit the Dossier Center, told CNN that since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Putin has mostly stopped using his presidential aircraft.

Instead, he reportedly traveled in an armored train equipped with a special communication system.

Gee, where are Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid now that we need them for a train robbery.

The reporter did not mince his words.

“The psychological reason of using this train is that he’s scared,” Rozhdestvensky told the outlet. “He’s scared that he can be tracked, that his plane can be tracked, that his plane can be shot down.”

This sort of frightened behavior has followed Putin for months, cutting through whatever tough facade he paints for the cameras and revealing to the world that Russia is no longer a modern world power.


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