Israel’s fight is not with the citizens of Gaza, of Palestinians, but against Hamas or terrorists. The media doesn’t want to understand .

Our shameful partisan presstitutes never seem to get tired of disgracing themselves.

In the wake of the unquestionably horrific terror attack in Israel on Saturday, the partisan press is working very hard to avoid calling Hamas terrorists “terrorists.”

It appears to be a global effort by the bleeding heart leftists who are just waking up to the antisemitism that has been rampant on the Left for decades.

The same people who were quite happy to deny Russian performers and athletes the ability to do their jobs because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are now trying to downplay the terrorist roots of Saturday’s terror attack in Israel.

The New York Times stealth-edited a headline to remove the word “terrorists” and replace it with “gunmen.”

Here is a senior journalist for “The Beeb” defending the decision.

How is it “taking sides” in reporting when your own government has classified Hamas as a terrorist organization?

I mean, you are taking sides, but… whose side are you taking, John?

And then there are the individual reporters who are more than willing to be lapdogs for a terrorist organization that openly calls for the genocide of the Jewish people.

Fortunately, they’re getting called out on social media BIGLY.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) called a tweet by an LA Times journo “repulsive.”

A female former journalist was “debunking” the claim that the German tattoo artist that looked like she was dead as she was being paraded around on a truck and spit on wasn’t “ackshually” naked-naked.

It’s all just so disgusting.

They’ve been doing this kind of crap for a long time.

They’re practically in love with Hamas.

Check out this vile commentary by a British “journalist.”

Terror Bro isn’t gonna date you, hun. But if you continue to play your cards right, you might be welcomed as a sex slave since that seems to be what’s getting you all hot ‘n’ bothered.

That tripe is just a brief sample.

And they wonder why trust in the media is at an all-time low. Maybe, just maybe… it’s the hack journos’ fault.

Perhaps a little self-reflection is in order.

Yes, guys. Yes. You are the baddies if you’re trying to quietly coordinate a digital rebrand for a terrorist organization like Hamas.

The BBC is careful to use the “preferred pronouns” of jailed rapists that suddenly found their feminine side once they were facing years of incarceration, but they’re having some difficulty with what to call Hamas.

Words matter, guys.

Jack Carr, Navy SEAL sniper and author of “The Terminal List” has some wise words that the Hamas apologists in the media and elsewhere should take note of.

Here is his post in full:

To those cheering on Hamas as they cut off the heads of infants, cut unborn babies from their mothers as they are still alive, gang rape and mutilate women, burn people alive, execute defenseless families after torturing them in front of one another would be wise to remember that many of them would be the first to be slaughtered under the rule of radical Islamicists.

To those arguing or issuing statements of moral equivalency or justification for such acts, I suggest those statements indicate a moral bankruptcy and a depravity of the soul. To the commentators on news channels doing just that, politicians doing just that, community groups doing just that, college professors and students doing just that, those marching in support of Hamas doing just that, I would remind you of an oft-cited phrase used amongst Jihadist groups in which they make their intentions extremely clear – they put it on flags and leave in written on walls in their wake. It translates as:
“First we kill the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.”
“On Saturday we kill the Jews. On Sunday we kill the Christians.”
“On Saturday we massacre the Jews. On Sunday we massacre the Christians.”

Think of the families burned alive, the decapitated babies, raped women and executed children before nodding your head in agreement with someone citing a moral equivalence or justification argument regardless of their position or influence.

To my friend Doron who posted this photo, and to those in harm’s way and those about to enter the breach, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.

To those who want to offer more than thoughts and prayers, please visit:
I Stand With Israel Campaign


Jewish National Fund US

Hamas has issued a statement calling for what translates as “a day of general mobilization” this Friday, October 13. You can find the statement online.

To those justifying the attacks publicly, thank you for showing your true colors. To those public figures who refuse to condemn the attacks when asked, your silence is deafening.

What more can you say after that? He’s right.

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