All the media personalities and academics whose job it is to “be black” are decrying the “racism” in the resignation of Harvard University president, serial plagiarist, and “diversity” hire Claudine Gay.

Because of course they are.

They don’t think that the wholly unqualified woman stole, lied, and refused to denounce Hamas terrorism… or rather, they don’t care that she did all those things. Some even acknowledge she did all those things.

No, what they are upset about is that “racist conservatives” got a “win” over “black people.”

None of that is true, of course.

What “won” here is the integrity of our American universities. We simply cannot have a person as the head of what is supposed to be one of the nation’s premier institutions of higher learning who spent her career stealing the work of other academics and writers and passing it all off as her own work. A person like that makes a mockery of academia.

Oh, but here they all come. The usual suspects, all gnashing of teeth and rending of cloth over the “racism” they are suffering as they earn millions a year and enjoy the status of being considered notable, important members of their fields.

So here they come, all the raaaaacim carnival barkers:

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