The antisemitic hatred in America has gotten so bad that pro-terrorist/Hamas/Hitler types are openly calling for the murder of Jewish babies.

On Sunday, Jewish community members in Skokie, Illinois, organized an exhibit of 30 empty strollers to raise awareness about the 30 children currently being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, along with roughly 210 others.

Each stroller included a flier containing a biography of a child hostage along with an Israeli flag.  Members of the local community sang psalms along with the Israeli national anthem.

In response, Jew-haters shouted profanities along with calls to “kill the babies.”

Kill babies.  Got that?


Breitbart added:

A source told Breitbart News that more drivers and passersby were supportive of the protest than opposed.

Skokie, Illinois, is a disproportionately Jewish suburb of Chicago. It became internationally famous when neo-Nazis tried to march through the suburb in 1978, hoping to antagonize the large population of Holocaust survivors there; the neo-Nazis won a First Amendment case in federal court but called off their protest. The diverse and tolerant nature of the suburb has drawn many immigrants there, including Muslims; it now houses Chicago’s first major Muslim elementary school.

The Jewish and Muslim communities live in peace, but radical pro-Palestinian activists have lately caused tensions between the two in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel.

Hitler would be smiling if he could…