According to a recent survey of employers, Gen Z is the worst, dumbest, least-skilled, most arrogant, privileged, and laziest generation to ever enter the workforce.

The survey found that Gen Z employees have these most endearing qualities:

  • Least tech skills
  • Worst work ethic
  • No motivation
  • Can’t be counted on to produce
  • Are easily distracted
  • Have poor communication skills
  • Are easily offended
  • Are dishonest and lie
  • Feel entitled despite their uselessness

“ResumeBuilder surveyed 1,344 people in managerial positions across different industries in the US earlier this month, asking them about their experiences working with those born in 1997 or later,” the New York Post recently reported.

Almost half (49%) of respondents declared it challenging to work with Gen Z “all or most of the time,” while a staggering 79% said they find them the most challenging generation to have in the workplace.

Of that majority, 59% said that they’ve had to fire a Gen Z employee, and 20% even claimed to have axed one of the young workers within a week of their start date.

Some said the so-called “snowflake generation” was “too easily offended” and cited that as another reason to get rid of them.

Managers and owners commonly cited entitlement and a lack of effort, motivation, and productivity as reasons why they were given the boot.

Experts are finding that Gen Z dopes need to be trained far more extensively than previous generations because they have no skills whatsoever, even though they think they know everything.

They can’t self-start, either. They have no capacity to pick things up on their own and need to be handheld; all the while as they whine and cry about being handheld.

Worse, they are so full of themselves that they are often insubordinate and willing to tell managers that they don’t know how things should work.

The left truly has created the dumbest generation.

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