In more bad polling news for Joe Biden, a new poll finds that most Americans see right through the avalanche of fake lawsuits and charges against Donald Trump. They know that it is all just about Democrat politics and not the law.

The survey, conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, shows that most believe Joe Biden is illegally using the government to attack Trump to prevent him from running for president this year.

According to the Washington Examiner:

In the latest McLaughlin and Associates survey shared with Secrets on Wednesday, 56% said they believe that “Joe Biden wants to stop President Trump from winning the election by putting him in jail.” Some 30% disagreed.

Republicans, 86% to 8%, agreed, as did independent voters, 50% to 33%. But so did many Democrats — 32% agreed to 48% who didn’t.

What’s more, voters said they believe Biden is playing a key role in driving the investigations of his rival. Some 58% said Biden has a role. Of that, 40% called his role “major.”

It does not appear that the majority of Americans are being fooled by the Democrat plan to utterly destroy Donald Trump.

Will it be enough to win the election? That is the real question.

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