The terrorist slaughter of Jewish civilians, including women, children, and the aged, has torn the masks off of many people with dark impulses.

We’ve had some of the darling institutions of the Left openly embracing the slaughter, rape, burning alive, and hostage-taking of Israelis and foreigners who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Groups like BLM, who have fomented violence and destruction while bilking corporations out of money, seem like natural allies of such people. We were unsurprised to see them elevating the terrorists to ‘hero status.’ That crowd has long since shown its true colors.

Colleges, on the other hand, are supposed to be repositories of higher learning and the liberal values that allow countries as diverse as those in the West to continue to function with our neighbors.

They are not supposed to be whipping crowds into cheering for the barbaric acts of terrorism instigated on unsuspecting neighbors. People who throw thermite bombs into the private residences of ordinary farmers are NOT the good guys in any story.

But when tenured profs make indefensible statements in support of Hamas, we usually hear the same response. “They have protected free speech.”

Do they? Because Piers Morgan had the top dog at the Daily Wire — Jeremy Boering — on his show talking about precisely that issue, Boering made an excellent point.

Paraphrasing: if that same prof said anything in defense of the traditional understanding of sex and gender, he’d be out on his ass in a heartbeat.

This isn’t just an abstract question, either.

The cancel culture mob came for Mike Adams because he tweeted something that offended them.

They were so ruthless in condemning him — over a TWEET objecting to the draconian COVID lockdown laws that compared the authoritarian government overreach that micromanaged the lives of supposedly free citizens to a slaveholder’s unlawful authority to own a slave.

The Mike Adams story matters to us more than most because he was a friend of the Clash team. We met him at least once, and our site owner knew him personally.

It wasn’t enough that they demanded Mike’s firing over a tweet or that he got a pittance of a severance package. They kept coming after him to destroy and defame him. In the end, the monsters won.

Mike Adams took his own life after they had taken almost everything else from him.

Mike Adams’s tenure never shielded him from the wrath of the culture mob. Why should special protections be extended to those who dance on the corpses of murdered Jewish families in the most extensive pogrom the world has seen since smoke was still coming from the chimneys in the Nazi Death camps?


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