PETA is woke crazy. In the past, they’ve declared milk a symbol of white supremacy, demanded the Supreme Court cafeteria go vegan, and pushed animal crackers to re-draw the cartoon on their box, removing the cartoon cages housing the animals they even asked the old English town of Wool to change its name to ‘Vegan Wool.’ I wonder f they realize that a vegan menu does not make an animal suffer, but the veggies suffer, especially in the case of lettuce (more about that at the end of the post).

Taking their craziness to new heights, they want the University of Georgia to eliminate its mascot, the Georgia Bulldogs.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an organization that appears to do very little saving of animals, but rather, they spend an inordinate amount of money on outrageous advertising meant to give you the impression that they’re saving animals.

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PETA calls for the University of Georgia to be “a winner not only in football but also in its treatment of” animals.

In the wake of its second straight National Championship, the animal rights organization wants the school to immediately halt its use of its live mascot, an English bulldog named Uga.

The group claims that the school’s use of Uga “drives demand for breathing-impaired breeds (BIBs),” like pugs, boxers, and English and French bulldogs.

“As the back-to-back national champion, can’t UGA find it in its heart to honestly examine the impact of its promotion of deformed dogs and call time on its outdated, live-animal mascot program?” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital. “PETA is calling on (University of Georgia president) Jere Morehead to be a peach and replace poor Uga with a human mascot who can support the team in a winning way.”

The University wasn’t having it.

“We are proud of our beloved mascot and grateful for the excellent care provided by Uga’s devoted owners, the Seiler family,” Georgia athletic director Josh Brooks said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

UGA is a repeat target of PETA, who also attempted to shame the school in 2019.

PETA pushes cruelty to lettuce.

To be honest, the hypocritical PETA doesn’t really care whether our food feels pain. If they really cared, PETA would be urging people to give up lettuce. Lettuce is a food product that is tortured and oppressed. Think of their life cycle. The lettuce is peacefully growing in the ground when suddenly, a farmer sneaks up behind them and decapitates the poor leafy vegetable. Then still fresh, green, and alive, its head is wrapped in cellophane and thrown into a refrigerator. The poor green vegetable is stuffed into a fridge without a coat or sweater to protect it from the cold environment where it’s being kept. Once the lettuce head is purchased, while still green, the buyer prepares the lettuce to be served. Now, this part is the most gruesome. To put it into a salad, the poor leafy vegetable has its skin pulled off one layer at a time. Now tell me which is crueler, a bulldog as a mascot or the cruelty to lettuce. PETA is encouraging this horrible lettuce torture.


A Cruelly Decapitated Head of Lettuce

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