Liberalism, as I’ve repeatedly said, can be an ideology of insane bloodthirsty rage and hate.  Consider, for example,  Bill Palmer, the senior editor and founder of a liberal conspiracy/hate site called the Palmer Report.  No, I’m not going to provide a link to it out of concern that it may not be safe to do so—this guy is nasty.


That’s an awful lot of hatred right there.  But not to fear.  There’s a lot more where that came from.

“We shouldn’t be cold hearted about this. But having a conservative as police officer, for instance, isn’t much different from having a KKK member as a police officer. It’s just not something that a civilized society can ever, ever tolerate,” he said in a subsequent tweet.

Then he suggested “rehabilitation” for those with political views that fall somewhere to the right.

“We should rehabilitate any conservatives who are willing to try. We should pay for them to undergo therapy and retraining so they can understand the world around them. But first we must get them out of positions of influence, because they’re infringing on the rights of others,” he added.

So much for “tolerance.”

One person noted:

How about to the right of Josef Stalin?

Which, of course, proves our long-held assertion and goes a long way toward proving that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Indeed.  Just think, THIS is the mindset now driving the insurrection taking place in Seattle.  As Twitchy stated, “…sometimes the crazy is just too much to be ignored.”

BTW didn’t Twitter say they wanted to eliminate hate speech from either side of the political aisle? I suppose Palmer Report slipped under the carpet—either that or Twitter lied.

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