Lightfoot was replaced by a guy that is even further to the left than she is, but (according to her) that’s only because she was a target of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Make it make sense.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat “rising star” when she was elected as the first black lesbian Mayor of Chicago in 2018, failed to make the run-off in the 9-person election back in March.

Lightfoot was succeeded by Brandon Johnson, a far-left Progressive and former teachers’ union organizer, who defeated more moderate Democrat Paul Vallas in the April election.

Her loss couldn’t be attributed to the fact that she was objectively terrible as Mayor, could it?

Nah, that can’t be it.

Just because there was a truckload of controversies on her watch, crime in the city continued to rise to staggering levels, and she was about as likable as a tapeworm. That all means nothing. It was the fault of Trump and the MAGA Republicans that were pointing out that crime was high, that she was woefully incompetent, and probably The Daily Caller for suing her over her racist policy on sit-down interviews.

Here she is telling racist grifter Al Sharpton on MSNBC that she lost partly because Trump and “right-wing forces” targeted her and other Democrat mayors.

Remember who this woman is — she refused to stand by police as crime continued to rise in the Windy City and decried the “overwhelming whiteness” of the Chicago news media. Her communication with city staffers was a red flag. Back in 2021, Lightfoot wrote an email that looked like it was inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining — she repeated sentences over and over to make her point.

Do not forget that this nutter was a COVID lockdown zealot back in 2020 — but she still went out and “got her hair done” (not that anyone could tell) while everyone else was forced to stay home. Her reasoning? She was the Mayor and had to look good on television. Well, it was worth the effort, I guess.

Not even the Partisan Presstitutes at the Chicago Sun-Times running to her defense could rehabilitate her in time for re-election.

But, now she’s taking a page from President Biden — or perhaps more accurately, Hillary — she’s pinning her loss on the Bad Orange Man and his band of MAGA Republican followers.

Of course, she is. Even her parents think so.

It’s not like Democrat policies in Democrat cities in Democrat states ever have anything to do with the failure of Democrats, right?

She’s trying to claim that the Democrats that vote in Chicago elections are taking their cues on who to vote for from Donald Trump.

Is she saying that Chicago really is a MAGA country?

If that were so, Brandon Johnson wouldn’t have won, and there’d be some hope for the Windy City. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so brace yourselves, Chicagoans. It’s gonna be rough for the next few years. You can thank Democrats for that. (Again.)

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