organ harvesting

When Trump came into town, bringing a message of ‘America First, the chorus of rage that inspired on the left would make you think he had murdered each of their firstborn kids. Maybe, in a way, he did.

If Trump made good on his plan, their globalist gravy train would grind to a halt, and the big-money influence-peddling game China’s CCP has been engaged in for years — not just with politicians like Swalwell and Feinstein, but through Universities, Corporations, Media conglomerates, strongarming Hollywood and the NBA … on and on it goes. And that’s not even addressing the industrial espionage itself, where China has secreted itself into the most powerful corporations.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a Chinese Professor bragging about the degree of influence that China has at the top tiers of political power:

Did A Chinese Professor’s Speech Expose Massive Chinese Corruption And Influence In America? (VIDEO)

It’s time we shine a light on just who it is these ‘elites’ are climbing into bed with.

These supposedly ‘woke’ politicians will go to war with ordinary Americans standing up for the ideas and traditions our country was founded on while taking literal blood money from a regime that murders political prisoners to use them for spare parts.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in ethics to understand that killing humans and using them as a source of spare parts is a Josef Mengele tier atrocity, does it?

If we’re having such a visceral reaction against Putin in light of the war crimes in Ukraine, surely we can expect a proportional response from our ‘woke’ leaders in light of what we’re hearing here, right?

If we’re boycotting Russian vodka over their invasion of Ukraine, maybe we should start decoupling our economy from a country that steals our tech, uses that money to undercut our jobs, corrupt our politics, massacres the Uyghurs, and exploits people for spare parts.

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