Guest post by Joe Messina

The Dictator is at it again. Mr. Obama really has a mental health issue. After nearly 8 years, he still hasn’t figured out that he is not a “dictator,” he is not a “king,” he is not our “supreme leader nor grand imperial poohbah.” Nope he is just the president of the republic known as the United States.

Either this “constitutional professor” doesn’t understand it or doesn’t think it applies to him. You see, he can’t just whip out his pen every time he feels like issuing an edict and expect everyone is going to fall in line like good little Borg drones.

He has been doing this since he arrived on the scene. With the Department of Education, Homeland Security, and the EPA, just to name a few. He has single-handedly put thousands out of work in the coal industry and created more part-time, underpaid jobs than any other president.

On Thursday evening, Mr. Obama decided (sure he did, not like it was planned, it just happened all of a sudden) that he was going to make it plain and order ALL public schools to open up all bathrooms to transgenders. With all that is going on in the world and across this country THIS is the thing at the top of the list? Less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender. We are losing hundreds of veterans every year because they can’t get in to see a doctor and he signs a transgender order? Why doesn’t he make it for private schools, private colleges, heck make it for all government restrooms in every state? Why? Because it’s a political move, you know, like Benghazi.

He figures that there are enough Americans on his side on this one and that any opposition from Republicans will kill them in their respective races.

As usual, Mr. Oblamo, you are wrong again sir. With every one of these lame moves of yours, you awaken the sleeping giant in this country. The right-wing or moderate religious person that was willing to “live and let live” is now seeing that you and your kind are NOT willing to let them live. You want them to come in line with you or face the consequences.

Even Liberal Democrats are doing a double-take on this one. Many writing and asking what they can do to stop it. Vote Republican. Period. Stop the insanity, vote Republican.

This wonderful country of ours was founded on laws, founded on the Constitution, not every whim of the president. This president, especially, has decided that the Founding Fathers were all wrong, whereas he hasn’t had a wrong idea his whole life!

Last May the Obama Administration threatened to withdraw special funding to pay for hospitals and doctors for impoverished citizens if the states in question do not comply. It was Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Kansas. The departments that handle Medicare and Medicaid also sent a message mandating they expand Medicaid or lose federal funding for uncompensated medical services. In other words, money for uninsured people, mostly illegals!

The states sued and WON! The Supreme Court ruled, the federal government could NOT force states to comply with the ACA by holding back or threatening to hold back funds. PERIOD!

So what does Mr. Oblamo do? He does it again. He issues an edict to allow all transgender children to use the bathroom of their choice in all public schools across the country. Over the weekend, an estimated 19 states (so far) will join in a lawsuit against the government. This is a state rights issue, again!

And why didn’t Mr. Obama include private schools? Because his kids go to a private school! And don’t give me that “it’s a private business, so he can’t force them.” He tried to force private institutions to give birth control against their beliefs now didn’t he?

Mr. Obama’s defenders and even Attorney General Loretta Lynch says it’s a issue. REALLY? Pull her ticket! Nowhere does it infer or state that “transgender” is a protected class. I’m simply saying, the top law enforcer doesn’t know the law.

HE continues to bypass congress, bypass the Constitution, and ignore the Supreme Court. That can only mean one thing. He sees himself as all-knowing, all-seeing, and perfect. Here’s your tip for the day… Get out of the way before that lightning bolt hits!

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