Liberals hate. They hate you, your children, your country, your history, your way of life, your guns, your Constitution… and now? Well, now they hate your little dog, too.

That’s right, folks, leftists hate your dog. Why? Because, apparently it is now “colonialist” to own a doggie.

The newest left-wing calumny was discovered by liberal site The Cut which recently spoke about the attacks city-bound dog owners are suffering.

Per the New York Post:

The article quotes Mia, of Prospects Lefferts Gardens, the proud owner of two terriers, who noticed a growing anti-dog sentiment brewing on her community Facebook group.

One post about picking up dog poop eventually spiraled into bonkers accusations that the pooches of PGL were “gentrifying the neighborhood.”

Mia, a New York-born Latina, told the outlet upon reading this she wondered “Are they saying that only white people have dogs?”

Another woman with an off-leash dog was apparently confronted in Prospect Park by someone filming her with her cellphone camera.

“She was asking me why I thought I was special, why my dog didn’t need to be leashed. Was it because of my white privilege?

In a viral tweet this week, an X user ran sparked further debate.

“Dogs in large cities are essentially settler-colonial—a way for their owners to move into and occupy more of the urban space than they are allotted while making it everyone else’s problem,” the tweet reads in part.

The tweet in question has since been deleted.

But it doesn’t matter. The insane left is at it again.

Everything you do, they hate, American.

And that includes you little dog, too.

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