The North Face outdoor clothing company is calling all its own white customers racists and offering an “equity” course for them to take so they can learn not to be bad people.

Yes, you read that right. A company is accusing all its white customers of being evil people. And it thinks that is a good thing.

As per Fox Business Network:

The North Face, whose parent company is VF Corporation, launched a racial equity course that states how White people never experience hardship due to the color of their skin and that Black people are barred from outdoor activities because of systemic racism and oppression.

The course, which offered customers 20% off for learning about antiracism for one hour, contained elements of critical race theory, according to Heritage Foundation DEI expert Mike Gonzalez.

“It was the longest hour I have ever lived,” Gonzalez said.

The DEI expert added that the course was an “outrageous attempt at convincing people we live under an oppressive system of racial injustice,” particularly in the mountains.

Another lie the program promulgates is that judging blacks by “white standards” is racist. Blacks can’t be on time, speak well, or be educated.

This absurd and hate-filled program goes on to say that blacks can’t do well in sports because they lack “white privilege.” Despite that most of the famous sports figures in this nation today are black.

This thing is filled with lies like these.

There is more like this in this racist garbage, which the Fox Business Network describes in its story.

But suffice to say, it amounts to excellent reasons to not to buy anything from this racist, anti-American company. Or any company like it.

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