The dimwitted Democrat voters of New York are shocked — SHOCKED, I tell you — that the Democrat politicians they voted into office are making the illegal alien crisis worse.

I’ll bet you have your shocked face on, too.

A new Siena College poll found that Democrat voters in the Empire State are blaming Democrats for the migrant crisis.

First off, 52 percent agreed that the crisis is out of control.

Regarding direct questions on particular politicians, 51 percent said that Democrat NY Gov. Kathy Hochul failed to deal with the crisis. Only 35 percent gave her favorable marks on her job on immigration.

Remember, this is a Democrat state that has about 25 Republican voters. So, most of those responding to this poll will be a Democrat.

New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is also being savaged in this poll, though not as severely as Hochul.

For Adams, 47 percent said they disapprove of his handling of immigration. Only 31 percent said he was doing a good job.

On the national scene, New Yorkers seriously blasted Joe Biden. A whopping 59 percent said they disapprove of his job on immigration. Only 34 percent said he’s doing a good job.

“Democrats, Republicans, Independents, upstaters, downstate, city, suburban, they all agree that this influx is a problem,” said the poll’s author, Steven Greenberg.

As of the updated numbers, there are now 6.5 million registered Democrats in New York State, 2.9 million Republicans, and 3 million party-unaffiliated voters. Are 163,000 voters registered with the Conservative Party and 51,000 with the Working Families Party. Given new political party ballot requirements that went into effect in 2020, there are only four recognized political parties in the state. The Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Independence Party were among those that lost their ballot status in the 2020 election under new thresholds.

Of course, all these morons voted for “sanctuary” status in 2017. So, they deserve what they get.


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