Democrats in New York City had a big parade on July fourth… but not for the reasons an American would on that same day. No, the Democrats in New York City had a big pro-Palestine parade so they could burn U.S. flags and advocate for the murder of Jews.

You know… as one does if you are a New Yorker.

The video of the event began going viral on social media.


As the New York Post reported:

At least one person was arrested, cops said, but they did not disclose the charges the alleged perpetrator was facing.

Video shows a New Yorker in a Yankees hat trying to reason with the group, but he’s quickly shouted down by a man in glasses who gleefully cheers “F–k Israel! F–k America! Woohoo!” as his fellow pampered trust-fund radicals giggle in approval.

The camera then pans down to a tattered Old Glory, smoldering next to a poster depicting Trump and Biden wearing crowns beneath “DEATH TO ALL KINGS” in big block letters.

To be a Democrat is to hate the United States of America.

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