It seems as though Democrats jump from one outrageous, soft-on-crime idea to the next and this time Dems in New York want to hand every inmate a hefty $2,600 check of the taxpayer’s cash as they leave prison.

The proposal from two Dems. from New York City (naturally) would deliver a whopping 65 times increase in the $40 walking around money inmates now receive as they finish their sentence.

“Every year, thousands of individuals return to our communities, often with little more than the clothes on their backs,” said bill sponsor state Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs, according to the New York Post.

“This isn’t just about financial assistance,” Gibbs added. “It’s about dignity, stability, and reducing the likelihood of re-offense. By offering this support, we’re not only aiding individuals but also investing in the safety and prosperity of our communities.”

Naturally, as in all things Democrats do, they want millions more tax dollars to be dedicated to this lunacy.

The sponsors of the bill are caterwauling for an additional $25 million in tax dollars to be sunk into this new program.

Gibbs wrote the bill in cooperation with the left-wing Center for Employment Opportunities.

“Today, people are sent home from prison with $40,” Sam Schaeffer, CEO for the Center for Employment Opportunities, said in a statement. “It’s hardly enough for even a day of food.”

“By replacing the antiquated ‘gate money’ concept with a dynamic fund that addresses essential needs, we are not only investing in the futures of New Yorkers coming home from incarceration but fostering the creation of safer and more productive communities,” he added. “We know this approach works.”

Sen. George Borrello (R-Dunkirk) sensibly blasted this plan.

“Unrestricted cash rewards to those who have committed crimes in New York is another example of the criminal coddling that NY’s ruling Democrats continue to engage in. Crime pays in New York,” Borrello said in an email to the Post.

“Democrats continue to prioritize criminals over victims and law-abiding citizens,” the Sen. exclaimed.

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