It’s not as though they weren’t warned. The parents would tell the school board and superintendent what they wanted for their kids but were totally ignored. So when some were complaining that the red wave turned out to be a red trickle. Some local voters got exactly the wave they wanted.

A new conservative majority took control of the Berkeley County, South Carolina school board, and they got right to work. In their first meeting, the school board had voted to fire the superintendent, and the district’s lawyer, ban critical race theory, and set up a committee to decide whether particular books and materials should be banned from schools.

Many media reports tried to make the school board look racist by reporting that they fired their black superintendent. For example, Forbes:

“Deon Jackson had served as Berkeley County’s first Black superintendent for just over a year after long-time employment in the district in other capacities.”

Reports like the above generally forgot to mention anything about the new superintendent that the board hired at the same meeting. Dr. Anthony Dixon.

Maybe my eyes are going bad, but Dr. Dixon (on the left) sure looks like an African American to me. In other words, they didn’t fire the previous superintendent because of his race. But you wouldn’t know that if you only followed some of the MSM.

Others, like NBC news, said, “Within two hours, the school board had voted to fire the district’s first Black superintendent. Seven paragraphs and one video later they mentioned that. Anthony Dixon. will be the second black superintendent.

The board voted to replace the existing chairman with Mac McQuillin, a local attorney and one of the board members backed by Moms for Liberty, an activist group of parents. After taking the majority, the new majority jumped into action in the first two hours of their first meeting.

NBC also said

“Moms for Liberty celebrated the six candidates’ wins in Berkeley County as an example of flipping a school board in favor of people who “value parental rights.” Four of the candidates, including McQuillin, were incumbents, while the two others were new to the board; they promised more curriculum transparency and fiscal responsibility and to put a stop to the ‘woke agenda.”

This needs to happen more. Not just this one election.

But it is a good sign that parents have gotten so alarmed by the extreme leftism being foisted on schools in the guise of “education” that they are finally acting in an organized fashion.

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