Well, here is one reason why Democrats have found it difficult to summarily outlaw the Second Amendment… according to government records, more than five million guns have been sold just this year alone.

According to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), about 1.3 million guns were purchased in each of the first four months of the year.

Though the numbers of sales have been slightly decreasing since 2020, that is still a whole lot of guns being sold to the law-abiding public.

As to the decline, 2023, for instance, came in at four percent fewer guns sold of 2022. And so far it looks like 2024 will be a decline over 2023, according to The Hill.

However, in 2023, three states North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Illinois saw about a five percent increase over the numbers sold in 2022.

The states with the biggest overall decrease came in as Delaware, New York, Louisiana, and the District of Columbia.

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