If the Get Trump people had anything remotely this damning against Trump’s family, the media would be back to their ‘walls closing in’ mantra… only this time, they’d mean it.

But whether the evidence will be enough to shame the media into a random act of honesty remains to be seen.

The magic number is now ‘NINE.’ As in: NINE Biden family members are now implicated in the suspicious international transactions that appear to be deliberate efforts to sell access to the White House. House members have indicated that number is expected to grow before this investigation wraps up.

If you remember, Treasury fought like HELL to keep GOP oversight from getting their hands on the 150 or more suspicious activity reports connected to the Biden family. But now that the GOP holds the gavel, they’ve run out of ways to stonewall. Members went to the Treasury building and reviewed a thick stack of information incriminating to the Biden family, with none other than Joe Biden serving as the hub of the wheel around which the others turned.

Rep Comer was on Larry Kudlow’s show, explaining the visit. Here’s the short version where he’s talking about the thousands of pages of financial documents that implicate more family members than previously mentioned in what appears to be pay-for-play politicking, as well as a number of shell companies and exciting details.

Here are comments from another member of the oversight committee, Nancy Mace (R-SC)

That’s a log of Bidens in the corrupt deal. Perhaps they weren’t there to arrange a pay-for-play scandal. Maybe it was just a family reunion.

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