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This Monday (3/7) The Lid Radio Show will have two great guests, the first half hour (2pm EST) will feature radio host and Pastor Greg Young. He will be followed at 2:30 PM by author, radio host and blogging superstar Ed Morrissey.


Pastor Greg is proof that everything is big in Texas.  Within five minutes of meeting him last year at the values voter summit, I realized that this was a man with a huge heart.   Pastor Greg Young is the host of the radio show, Chosen Generation heard daily on KERV (Kerrville TX) 1230 AM at 10 AM.  The Chosen Generation show resides at the intersection of faith and politics.He was ordained in 2002 through the ministry of Bishop Richard Heard, Christian Tabernacle Houston Texas and Bishop Steve Miller,  Epicenter Church, Long Beach Ca.  He was in business management for 22 years and at one point owned five separate businesses. In 2004 Doctors told him he had three to six months to live, but God had other plans. He is the father of five children. Married for 26 years to a Texas gal. He is a grandfather as well. I had the honor of spending some time with Pastor Greg during CPAC and we will talk about the conference and other business during the show.

Along with his radio show linked above, Pastor Greg can be followed on twitter @Doseghostman and on facebook.



Ed Is On The Right, His Colleague Allahpundit Is In The Blue Shirt On The Left

After every major piece of political news the first place I go is to to read what Ed Morrissey has to say. And I am not alone, thanks to Ed, Allahpundit, and most recently Jazz Shaw, Hot Air is the go-to site for anyone interested in politics. IMHO Ed is the second best political commentator on the internet (next to me) but my wife ranks him as #1. Ed’s been writing since 2003, first at Captain’s Quarters, then moving to HotAir.  His columns have appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Post, The New York Sun, the Washington Times, and other newspapers. And he has a regular column in The Week.  The Ed Morrissey show can be heard every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST on the internet  and he often fills in as a guest on Salem Radio Network’s nationally-syndicated shows. Morrissey’s new book, GOING RED, will be published by Crown Forum on April 5, 2016 (but you can pre-order it today). In Going Red, Morrissey takes readers inside the battlegrounds that will decide the election, weaving together data and the stories collected through over 100 interviews of people and leaders in these communities to answer the most pressing questions facing conservatives in 2016. Ed lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with his wife, son and daughter-in-law, and his two granddaughters. You can follow Ed on twitter @EdMorrissey  and on Facebook

Listen at 2PM EST on the SHR Media network as Jeff, interviews Pastor Greg and Ed Morrissey–and while you’re listening, come into the chat room and ask questions or comment.

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