Subversives have been working for generations to radicalize our institutions (especially education and information) to turn Americans against their own history. This is a measure of how shockingly successful their project has been.

So narrow has its focus on the demonization of America been that they are either willfully ignoring or altogether ignorant of any other example against which it might be appropriately compared.

Those ‘free’ student loans taxpayers have been backing are going to train an army of neo-Marxists who will eventually do away with everything the Founding Fathers fought for… and that is no mistake.

Meet Melanie Yazzie. She introduces herself on the school bio where she teaches:

Here is what she has to say about herself

Melanie K. Yazzie is a citizen of the Navajo Nation. She writes and teaches about a range of topics, including Navajo/American Indian history; (neo)liberalism; settler colonialism; Indigenous feminisms; Native American studies; social movements; urban Native experience; political ecology; queer Indigenous studies; biopolitics; water; media; Marxism; and theories of policing and the state.

Dr. Yazzie has held numerous fellowships. She was a Katrin H. Lamon Residential Scholar at the School for Advanced Research (2018-19), a University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-17), an Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellow (2015-16), and a Ford Foundation Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship (2011-14).

Notice that citizenship does NOT acknowledge America. She is being a little too honest about the dismantled America project she and her fellow self-described Marxists (like, say, those BLM founders) have been working towards.

“The goal is to dismantle the settler project that is the United States. The freedom and future of all life on this planet depends on that.”

University of Minnesota professor Melanie Yazzie admits the Woke, quiet part out loud.

“The US is the greatest predator empire that has ever existed.”

She unironically called this ‘Turtle Island,’ as if we’re supposed to ignore the fact that ‘Turtle Island’ is a creation story every bit as religious as the Judeo-Christian Genesis account… but one seen by secular colonialists as a valuable tool in delegitimizing the West.

This might be a good time to remind our readers that Trump had commissioned educators to do a 1776 Project view of history that was NOT jaundiced against everything America had ever done… and that Biden cut all ties from it as soon as he took office.

Christians might want to wake up and take notice that secularists and fringe extremists have no problem leaning hard on their religio-cultural-moral assumptions in trying to remake the world according to their convictions.

It’s something worth thinking about whenever we utter those words, ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

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