Earlier today Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, spoke at a Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. The crowd was enthusiastic, cheers nearly drowning out his initial comments. And his words would have tremendous import after the events and stunning news of the weekend.

Evangelicals across the nation were shocked by the release of a decade-old video Friday that featured Donald Trump saying some heinous things about kissing and grabbing women’s “female parts.” Of course there was a collective sinking feeling, a visceral reaction to the crudeness, which is absolutely condemned in the Bible.

But Trump quickly filmed a video, stating his shame and remorse, calling it wrong and promising to do better in the future.

Reflecting on the video, and then considering where Trump was 11 years ago — a wealthy, crass New Yorker who loved to make money and loved women — I began to breath a little easier. As a 100% conservative, Evangelical woman, Trump’s words on the old video were an anathema to me; his words on the second video gave me hope.

Hope that Trump was truly shamed by his careless and vulgar words. Hope that his heart and mind are changing. Hope that as a nation we can be reminded that we are all sinners in need of forgiveness, of God’s magnanimous mercy and grace.

After Trump’s apology Pence was quiet for about 48 hours: the common knowledge informing that he and his beloved wife, Karen, were in prayer over the matter. Mike surfaced to congratulate Donald Trump on his win in the Second Presidential Debate Sunday night. And on Monday he emerged to explain his forgiveness of Trump’s lewd talk.

Read the rest of the post to see the reaction she found to Trump’s apology when she went to church on Sunday, and then her coverage (including video), of Mike Pence’s faith driven forgiveness of Trump, that should be a lesson to all people of all faiths.

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