Well, it looks like we’ve found someone that leftists like even less than President Trump. Mike Lindell  

It would seem that the incredible man, Mike Lindell, whose story of redemption and success should be an inspiration to every American, isn’t appreciated by some of the Resist crowd–not even when he has dedicated 75% of his factory’s production to make face masks to help protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus.


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell went wildly off-script during a White House coronavirus task force briefing from the Rose Garden — calling on Americans to read the Bible and find God during the quarantine.

The mustachioed friend of President Trump was invited to speak at Monday’s briefing to announce he had joined the effort to produce critically needed face masks, churning out up to 50,000 masks a day by this Friday at one of his converted pillow factories.

Source: New York Post

Lindell created a bit of a stir when he spoke some “off-the-cuff” remarks suggesting that people take their time in quarantine to read the Bible.

As they usually do when someone mentions God, liberals went nuts.

Democrat strategist:


New York Times sports blogger screams in all caps:

One of the CNN “Media Watchdogs” Oliver Darcy:

CNN’s Executive Editor Ram Ramgopal quote-tweets Aaron Rupar of Vox:

NBC and MSNBC reporter, David Gura:

Newsweek columnist:


Washington Post national correspondent:

But this Daily Beast writer and CNN Op-Ed writer thinks he knows why the pillow guy was asked to speak:

NeverTrumper Tom Nichols just couldn’t stop–until Greg Gutfeld tore into him:

and him:

and her:

But Greg, how do you really feel?

Others in the Conservative Twitter world tore into the naysayers:


Yidwithlid? I like that guy!

And how did Mike Lindell react to his Rose Garden appearance? He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter that his factory will be producing 50,000 masks per day and they’ll be “The most comfortable mask you’ll ever own.”

Why not? (I have four MyPillows)

It’s probably true, too.

Stay rowdy, Mike! And God Bless.


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