Mexico is in the midst of a presidential election with Election Day set for June 2. Sadly, a recent debate shows that every one of the top candidates are perfectly OK with allowing their country to be filled with disease-wracked, uneducated, illegal aliens from points south as long as they are headed north to destroy the U.S.A.

As Border Hawk reported, there was a debate on April 7.

The moderator asked the following: “Many migrants literally risk their lives on the way through Mexico… What will be the focus of your government to protect these migrants who are in transit through our country? In case you win, what migratory policies would your government have?”

Sen. Xochitl Galvez, from the National Action Party, was more worried about the comfort of the illegals than in what they are doing both to her country and the U.S.A.

“As a senator, I presented two bills so that once they are in Mexico these migrants would not be bothered nor attacked, that they would have conditions of full respect to their human rights, and what happened in that migratory station [which burned, killing dozens of migrants] would not happen. We have to have a secure southern border. I think that the migrants can be an opportunity for economic growth for Mexico, not a problem,” Galvez said.

She also blasted the “lamentable conditions” the illegals are living in when they get to Mexico.

Poor babies.

She closed pledging to give them “quality” during their stay in Mexico.

Next up, the Sigamos Haciendo Historia Party’s Claudia Sheinbaum’s angle was to blame the U.S.A. for not spending enough money on the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

“Now, the most important thing is that migration is not going to decrease if the causes are not attended to, and the causes of migration are essentially the poverty, particularly in Central America and in other countries where the migration originates. And this is the essential proposal we are making and this is the debate, justly, with the United States. They [Americans] should dedicate a percentage of what they dedicate today to armaments to help the countries and decrease migration. That is the most humane thing that can be done,” she bloviated.

Jorge Alvarez Maynez, the Citizens’ Movement Party, proudly proclaimed that he is from state of Zacatecas… for whatever that matters on the question.

He went on to insist that Mexico should do more to HELP the illegals to illegally enter the U.S.A.

“We are a binational society, but defend ourselves from the misogynist, discriminatory, racist and xenophobic speeches of Donald Trump which we are going to see in the [U.S.] campaign and which we have to have the courage to confront, to defend the migrant persons in the United States, we have to have the moral authority and what we have done in the southern border is inhumane,” he said. “The militarization has not made our border more secure, but it has made it more cruel. That’s why we need to change the model to a model of human rights which accompanies at every stage the migrant persons. To migrate is not a crime, to migrate is a decision that human beings make.”

All three of these candidates are pledging to aid the lawbreakers to continue to destroy the U.S.A. ALL of them.

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